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If you get the chance to work with Rachel Newby, grab it with both hands and don’t look back. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone like her; she has to be the most positive person I’ve ever met. She has inspired me to do things I never thought I could and she has supported me unconditionally in my quest to get healthy. Rachel took someone who would rather get her eyebrows waxed than exercise and made her actually look forward to her sessions. If she can accomplish that with me, she can motivate the most hardcore couch potato out there. She is a firm, but fair goal setter who never lets you cop out. I know I will accomplish more amazing things this year because Rachel makes me believe I can. – Rebecca from Facebook

I was looking for a boost to my regular fitness routine, something to help motivate me to achieve my goals. I found my boost at Body Go Fitness! Their yoga classes (Cassie is amazing!) are very small, allowing for personalized help and modification if you need it. Zumba classes are small as well and your fellow students are always friendly. Of course the gem of Body Go Fitness is Rachel whose positive attitude and can-do spirit is infectious. She makes me want to go to our sessions and reporting to her gives me motivation to do well with my diet and exercise! Rachel really wants me to succeed. I love being part of this Body go Fitness family! – Mara from Facebook

Terrific trainers! Awesome instructors! Love love! – Desiree from Facebook